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Furnace repairs in San Diego

Let us help you with your furnace starting issues. We can get your furnace on its feet in no time. All of our technicians are well experience on all furnace brands and models. Most of the time you will experience problems with the furnace when you have missed furnace maintenance for years.

So it is very important you will schedule for maintenance every year in order to avoid costly and unpleasant situations.

Let us make you warm and comfortable this winter by maintaining your heating system. Aironesystem is your local HVAC contractor. We do lots of work inSan Diego and surrounding areas, we have more than 20years of experience in Peel region. Try us, we won’t disappoint you.


Mean while you can fallow these steps to get the furnace working until a technician arrives.

Thermostat                                 Step 1

The thermostat should call for heat in order to start the furnace, make sure the setting on your thermostat is appropriate. Otherwise the thermostat will not turn the furnace on for heat.

Furnace filters                         Step 2

It is very important to change your filters more often, dirty filters can cause air flow restrictions there by letting the furnace overheat.

Condensation                            Step 3

Make sure furnace condensate drain is not plugged, it should drain freely.

Furnace power                        Step 4

 Check the associated furnace breaker at the panel is in right position. ( reset the breaker) Make sure the furnace switch is in ON position.

IF you can’t solve the problem while implementing all these steps. You might need expert help, give us a call at this number 416.889.5255 or click on the button to your right, we are one click away. Eager to help you to fix the problem.

Some of the problems we face day to day with furnace troubleshooting

Thermostat problems

Water draining issues ( clogged condensation)

Venter motor issues

Blower motor noisy

Exhaust pipe leaking

Heat Exchanger leaking

Pressure switch faulty

Faulty control board

Condensate pump

Condensate pump

Expierance and Certified Technicians

Our Technicians are fully competent and licensed under TSSA, as well as they have practical experience in most of the furnace brands on the market.  They can solve any furnace problem in no time, along with we will provide 100% satisfaction guaranteed for our customers.


We are also offering our maintenance program, we recommend to take one of our cost effective maintenance program in order to prevent any kind of furnace issues in the future as well as to keep your warranty in good standing.

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